I worked with Nev for some time. For me, the most important thing was that she really knew how to vary our workouts so they never became boring. She also challenged me in a way that I found comfortable but... very challenging!! Nev knows a lot about exercise physiology and shares her knowledge in practial, usable ways. After I finished an hour or so with her, I was defintiely done - a good thing! She worked me hard, but made it fun.

I'd happily recommend Nev to anybody looking for a supportive, but challenging trainer who knows enough to really help you achieve your goals. Bonus - she's funny!! - Jeff.


Nevrize Aydogen is the best trainer I've ever worked with! That's a big statment, but it's 100% from the heart. I've worked with 5 different trainers over the past 10 years and many Pilates instructors. Why is Nevrize special? She is an expert in what she does with a 1,000 ways of working a particular muscle group. She's always learning new techniques to share so you don't get bored. Every workout is special. She starts you out slowly so you don't get overly sore or injured. She customizes the workout for you-no one size fits all as with past trainers. She watches your every move and posture to make sure you're doing the exercises correctly and not open to injury. Most trainers I've found in the past let their attention wander as they talk about other things or watch others in the gym. She cares! She is a truly caring person who cares about your fitness and your goals. She is a rare gem among personal trainers. I highly recommend Nevrize no matter what your fitness level is. The first step is the hardest and she helps you take the first step by inviting you to be your best. - Alice cunningham, Seattle.


Nevrize is truly one of a kind. After years of repeated physical injuries from work and outdoor play, I found myself overweight and well under a decent fitness level for a 39 year old woman. I had never employed a personal trainer, but was to the point where I was willing to give it a try and hope to find someone who really knew their stuff. Hoenstly, I'm still unsure where the four-leaf clover was stuck to me when I found Nev's ad. During the very first workout I knew she was a rare find.

Nev has a wealth of knowledge partnered with a great sense of humor and an honest desire for those she works with to succeed. Her humor, timing and upbeat attitude make workouts go by so fast the only way you know time is passing is by the sweat on your brow. The check-ins between workouts are very encouraging and have been above and beyond. Nev's dedication and commitment are inspirational and help keep my goals in focus. After 10 sessions with her, my fitness level has increased more than I thought it could in such a short time. I'm looking forward to continuing our work together knowing that I have a solid advocate for my highest level of fitness possible. The only downside: It won't be long before everyone looking for an outstanding personal trainer will be hearing Nev's name. -LeAnne L., Seattle.


Nevrize is AWESOME! She pushed me to new exercising limits and I am very sore today. Her body shows the results you can have and she actually helps you enjoy working out. I liked it better when we were done ... but I know the results will be worth it. - Au N.


Nevrize is fantastic! After only three sessions with her, I feel stronger, have more balance, a lot more energy and am happier. She is very upbeat and makes the sessions a lot of fun. She also is very good at listening to my goals, likes and dislikes. Also, if you have special needs, or injuries she is very good at figuring out different ways to strengthen all parts of your body without straining the injured areas. She's great - JoAnne T.


I just started working with Nevrize after finding her on Craigslist. I was desperate to feel better about myself by losing weight, but I was having a hard time doing it on my own. When I emailed Nev for the first time I instantly liked her, and her schedule and fee was just what I was looking for. ( It seemed too good to be true!) She was very excited to meet me and very accomodating when I was setting up my appt. with her. The first time we met to discuss what my workouts would look like if I chose to hire her she was so encouraging and excited to help me feel better about myself. I was totally sold on wanting to work with her! You can really tell that she not only loves what she does, but she loves helping people (especially women) reach their goal to be healthy. That is what I admired the most.


Since I have started working with Nev I have been changing my diet and sending her everything I eat. Because I have to report to her, she has been a wonderful motivation for me to eat healthy! Our workouts have been intense and fun and I've never been so sore in my life (good sore, that is!). I can see that working with her is exactly what I needed to get myself back into health and shape and to feel good again. I HIGHLY recommend Nevrize for her skill and positive attitude. She knows what she is doing and will be there for you every step of your journey. I can't wait to see what I look like in 6 months, I know it will be good!!! - Leah W.


I just worked out with Nevrize for the first time today and I'm completely amazed! This girl worked me out harder than I have ever worked out before and she had me laughing all the way! She is incredible and it is an honor to have her as my trainer. I will never go to anyone else! - Ashley A.


I've been working out with her almost a month and I've never felt this strong and healthy before. She always uses different methods and tools. She designs exercises only for me and pushes my limit every time. I've already lost 4 pounds since starting with Nevrize and my clothes are fitting differently. Also, she's also been working with my 8 year son for swimming and basketball, and that's been wonderful too. Highly recommended trainer. Thank you Nevrize! - Demet G.